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aHey embroidery offers embroidery and cross-stitch designs for machine sewing and counted cross stitch patterns for stitching by hand. It always tries to consider the needs of 4x4 inch hoop owners as 5x7 inch hoop owners. Almost all designs in regular machine embroidery technique and in machine cross-stitch are perfectly suitable for small hoops and are readily available in Sew and Pcs formats (as well as in many others - Art, Dst, Exp, Hus, Jef, Pes, Xxx, Shv and Vip formats.

New machine embroidery designs collections are added regularly, so check back often to see What's New.

As an enthusiastic designer and an avid embroiderer, it is important to me that my customers have a good web site experience and enjoys the designs they have purchased. I personally test-stitch each machine embroidery design until it sews out perfectly. I also carry a special archive of free embroidery designs you may download at no charge to test my designs' quality. All my free embroidery designs are of the same quality as the designs for sale. Also every category of embroidery designs catalog has one design available for free download. You might wish to download and try a few freebies before ordering your machine embroidery and cross stitch designs.

I believe the designs I create speak for themselves, both in form and function. Therefore, What You See on the images Is What You Get in machine sewing. Many designs look even more beautiful "in life" than on the pictures, so if you love the design on your computer screen, you'll really love it in person!

All designs may be downloaded for FREE at no additional charge. All designs (except for freebies) also can be shipped on CD; you may order custom CDs that include only the designs you have personally chosen! We ship designs worldwide!

Before I tell you about myself, I want to encourage you to write to me with your ideas, comments and suggestions, and I will do my best to continue to upgrade my site for your enjoyment. You can write to me directly at email. I answer every email personally. My goal is to let you have fun while enjoying high quality, beautiful and special designs, so I hope to hear from you.

If you are looking for a particular design, let me know. If I don't have it right now, it may be a good idea for a future designs set. I add new collections regularly, so if you didn't see what you are looking for, check back soon.

My name is Ludmila Sonkin. I was born in Latvia in Liepaja. It is a very beautiful, very green place near the Baltic sea. Liepāja is known throughout Latvia as "the city where the wind is born," due to the cooling sea breezes that blow constantly. I have always enjoyed the creative arts and pursued that passion by attending and graduating from Fashion Design High School in 1996. I then went on to attend the Academy of Art and Design (Tel Aviv), where I graduated in 2002.

In June 1991, I immigrated to Ashdod, a lovely Mediterranean Sea town in Israel. I live there today with Dmitri Shapkov and our lovely dog Jes. Dmitri is professional programmer and software engineer who graduated from the Academy of Technology and Development (Tel-Aviv) in 2000 and now works for a site development company and helps me with building my web sites. 12-year-old Jes is very healthy and friendly and loves living by the sea and breathing the wonderful fresh air almost as much as we do.

Today, I practice as an arts and crafts artist, designing images for embroidery and digitize them for embroidery machines. I do many beautiful projects with my machine embroidery designs, using different techniques and machine cross-stitch. I also prepare cross-stitch patterns for stitching by hand and work as a designer and promoter of my web sites.

My very first web site, http://www.cross-stitch-patterns.us/, allowed me to expand from designs in machine cross-stitch to other styles and techniques, and soon I had a second web site (http://www.machine-embroidery-designs.us/) for machine embroidery. I have learned a lot, and I am now very pleased to offer a brand new web site, just recently begun in 2007, that incorporates everything great about the first two, with a couple of extra new surprises!

The new web site offers machine embroidery designs, cross-stitch patterns for machine embroidery and stitching by hand. This site is much more technologically advanced, allowing me to list projects and ideas for design usage.

Digitizing designs for regular machine embroidery appeared to be much more exciting than I have ever thought it to be, and the results are very appealing too. I have a lot of ideas for new designs sets and new projects! Soon, I will begin to email news and subscriptions to my customers and accept additional payment methods (PayPal, Credit Cards via 2checkout, Credit Cards via Netpay). With PayPal unavailable in several countries, I did not want my customers disappointed with no other way to pay for the designs they wanted to purchase.

Once again, welcome to my site. I hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Wish you a wonderful day and happy creations!

Kindest regards,
Ludmila Sonkin

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